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Niall Horan One Direction (Niall James Horan)

I do like stuff a good bit and doin activities with Deo @deodevine

RIP Johan Cruyff .He changed the game of football, What an incredible player ! I remember my dad teaching me that turn when I was a kid . Instagram ดารา @niallhoran 159,367

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Good craic in Manchester for Paddys day with mark and @ollymurs . Great game of football as well , Murs not too happy with the result Instagram ดารา @niallhoran 30,563

Great laugh at @dannyjonesmcfly birthday last night . @georgia_f_jones well done organising that and keepin it secret from that fella. Instagram ดารา @niallhoran 94,363

Thanks so much to the @lakings for having us tonight. Amazing experience. First hockey game and the hosts won. Thanks for the jersey too . Instagram ดารา @niallhoran 51,522

@robbiekeane has joined Instagram , follow him. I'm sure it will be 'very interesting ' won't it rob ? Instagram ดารา @niallhoran 62,710

Touching words from Mr Henley . Instagram ดารา @niallhoran 13,758

What a laugh taping Alan Carr chatty man tonight ..he is the funniest guy ever .. Make sure to watch on Friday night Instagram ดารา @niallhoran 117,456

beautiful day up @thegrovehotel today.. Played well, considering the amount of rain that's fallen here recently , the course was in unbelievable condition Instagram ดารา @niallhoran 99,421

Mexico City . Instagram ดารา @niallhoran 55,690

Yesterday Instagram ดารา @niallhoran 65,946

@louist91 @julianbulian #MadeintheAM Instagram ดารา @niallhoran 38,813

we're happy that ' end of the day' is out today and the album is only 4 days away... Buzzin Instagram ดารา @niallhoran 51,257

The lads Instagram ดารา @niallhoran 162,757

Instagram ดารา @niallhoran 36,598

Sick show at the roundhouse last night, way too hot on stage though.... thanks for Comin and cheers again apple music for havin us Instagram ดารา @niallhoran 94,170

@dcfcofficial on the telly tonight ! Loving it Instagram ดารา @niallhoran 45,718

Can't tell ya how good it is to be back sitting on my own couch and going to sleep in my own bed for the first time in 10 weeks! Good times Instagram ดารา @niallhoran 51,556

#wherewegoingtodaymark @jarv2475 Instagram ดารา @niallhoran 34,756

#wherewegoingtodaymark @jarv2475 Instagram ดารา @niallhoran 0

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