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Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta

jazz art pop punk actress fashion magazine editor and columnist!

@ysl Instagram ดารา @ladygaga 7,095

Instagram ดารา @ladygaga 34,486

Some things never go out of style. @ysl @hotrodsandmusclecars 🖕🏽 Instagram ดารา @ladygaga 16,990

Love running into my friends @kathrinenarducci found this bitch at the airport and snuck her into the lounge HA ! Instagram ดารา @ladygaga 5,475

Talk about good company when you want the world to listen. THANK YOU JO BIDEN and family you are a true leader. The kind we need. Instagram ดารา @ladygaga 23,864

Caitlyn Instagram ดารา @ladygaga 17,035

Thank you for standing next to me on stage. Thank you for all the things you said, for listening to my story and sharing yours. I will never forget it. 50 survivors, so brave, relentless determination. Instagram ดารา @ladygaga 21,281

I never realized before but I put the tattoo of my fans "monster paw" the symbol of our fan base right over my heart. It's not easy to perform this song, but I know you will have my heart in your hands holding me up like you have for almost a decade. Thank you for being the pillars that hold up my roof, everything i stand for is in you. Instagram ดารา @ladygaga 105

Instagram ดารา @ladygaga 10,125

Instagram ดารา @ladygaga 2,780

Instagram ดารา @ladygaga 11,135

The one and only MARC JACOBS. NY, NY Instagram ดารา @ladygaga 33,017

Thank you @brandonmaxwell @sarahtannomakeup @fredericaspiras for my V magazine party look! I had the most wonderful time. Instagram ดารา @ladygaga 0

#repost Instagram ดารา @ladygaga 11,395

Instagram ดารา @ladygaga 10,727

Married to rock n roll. And the Rivington Rebels. I love u guys Instagram ดารา @ladygaga 15,484

Love u Brando @brandonmaxwell Instagram ดารา @ladygaga 22,063

INTEL x GAGA Instagram ดารา @ladygaga 13,384

Thank You Kansai Yamamoto for working with us on this ZIGGY STARDUST CAPE which is your original design we are so grateful Instagram ดารา @ladygaga 11,854

Thank You Marc Jacobs for making such beautiful pieces for us tonight. Me and @brandonmaxwell love you Instagram ดารา @ladygaga 21,087

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