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AOMG US TOUR 2016 only a couple weeks left!! #AOMG #FOLLOWTHEMOVEMENT Instagram ดารา @jparkitrighthere 1,780

사실은 (the truth is) Pro. By @groovypark @hwimmm Instagram ดารา @jparkitrighthere 7,409

#prayforbelgium #peaceandlove #GODBLESS #prayforturkey don't know why the media didnt cover this as much...#prayfortheworld Instagram ดารา @jparkitrighthere 6,409

니가출연 하기싫어도 그려서라도 강제로출연시킬꺼임 ㅋㅋ #사실은 #thetruthis #어더시키 #AOMG #FOLLOWTHEMOVEMENT shout outs to @ellnkm Instagram ดารา @jparkitrighthere 9,269

Usually dont speak on these types of things and not really sure if its even my place to even speak on this but these two dancers as well as the event coordinators dedicated a lot of their time and effort to put this battle on for us. To give us a legendary battle and to just bring back some excitement and stir up some commotion. You can't really put a price on that but complaining about having to pay 3 dollars for it in my opinion is unjust. Its only fair that they get compensation for their skill and for what they bring to this art form and for event coordinators to keep on wanting to throw events they are going have to be able to make a living off it. You cant ONLY be about the culture and you cant ONLY be about making MONEY. Gotta find a good balance and find a way to do both in a fair and just manner. Thats how you get bboys to stay motivated and thats how you help the culture grow. Feel like youtube and the internet be making ppl spoiled when it comes to content~ anyways just my opinion~~~ dope battle and shouts to everyone peace and love~~ Instagram ดารา @jparkitrighthere 5,893

#Repost @callmegray with @repostapp. ・・・ #넌언제나 #AOMG Instagram ดารา @jparkitrighthere 10,146

B cut 3 Instagram ดารา @jparkitrighthere 10,168

Another b cut Instagram ดารา @jparkitrighthere 8,221

B cut Instagram ดารา @jparkitrighthere 7,846

Instagram ดารา @jparkitrighthere 9,351

Instagram ดารา @jparkitrighthere 8,130

Instagram ดารา @jparkitrighthere 7,931

Instagram ดารา @jparkitrighthere 8,119

Big shout outs to @ellnkm the animator of the music video and @vm_project who directed it as well amazing job!!! ##사실은 #thetruthis #AOMG #FOLLOWTHEMOVEMENT Instagram ดารา @jparkitrighthere 8,923

박재범 Jay Park - [사실은 (The truth is)] 지금, '사실은 (The truth is)' 음원을 전 온라인 음원 사이트를 통해 확인하실 수 있습니다. '사실은 (The truth is)' 뮤직비디오를 JAYPARKOFFICIAL 유튜브 채널을 통해 확인하실 수 있으니 많은 관심 부탁드립니다. (Link in @AOMGOFFICIAL Bio) Jay Park 'The truth is' now available in : iTunes Music Store. (Open time has differences by country.) & online music site of korea. MV now published in JAYPARKOFFICIAL YouTube channels. #박재범 #JayPark #사실은 #Thetruthis #AOMG Instagram ดารา @jparkitrighthere 2,052

2016. 03. 22. 0AM (KST) 박재범, [사실은 (The truth is)] Prod. By @groovypark @hwimmm Artwork by @RAREBIRTH 오늘 밤 12시, 박재범의 신곡 '사실은 (The truth is)'이 전 온라인 음원 사이트를 통해 공개됩니다. #박재범 #JayPark #사실은 #Thetruthis #AOMG Instagram ดารา @jparkitrighthere 9,040

2016. 03. 22. 12AM(KST) 박재범, [사실은 (The truth is)] MV Teaser 3월 22일 0시, (21일 밤 12시) 전 온라인 음원 사이트를 통해 박재범의 신곡 '사실은 (The truth is)'이 공개됩니다. #박재범 #JayPark #사실은 #Thetruthis #AOMG Instagram ดารา @jparkitrighthere 5,464

2016. 03. 22. 0AM 박재범, [사실은 (The truth is)] 전체 영상은 AOMG 유튜브 채널에서 확인하실 수 있습니다. Available in AOMG YouTube Channel. ( ) #박재범 #JayPark #사실은 #Thetruthis #AOMG Instagram ดารา @jparkitrighthere 8,995

2016. 03. 22. 0AM #박재범 #JayPark #AOMG Instagram ดารา @jparkitrighthere 7,650

2016. 03. 22. 0AM #AOMG #두둥 Instagram ดารา @jparkitrighthere 7,049

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