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Mika Chunuonsee

Professional footballer for Bangkok United ️ Contact for Work & Event - Pi Took 084-146-5450 🏻 Ari Presenter 🏻 Adidas Presenter

Miss my training partner 🏻️ #MT1632 Instagram ดารา @chunuonsee16 47

Cool Frames from V Eyewear. New arrivals in stores now at all @v_eyewear stores 😎 Instagram ดารา @chunuonsee16 320

4 games...2 win both away from home, 1 draw and 1 lost against the champions ️ not a bad start, but its a marathon not a sprint, now lets focus on the next 🏻 #BUFC #adidasthailand Instagram ดารา @chunuonsee16 558

If i play this Wednesday, it will be my 50th official league game for Bangkok United already 😯🏻 #grateful #keepworkinghard "play for the badge on the front of the Jersey and they will remember the name on the back of it" #BUFC #togetherstrongerhigher Instagram ดารา @chunuonsee16 803

Never a failure...always a lesson!!! Always give it ur best ️ to the next..... #BUFC Instagram ดารา @chunuonsee16 29

Finally...1st league game this Sunday against the champions Buriram, if you want to be the best you have to beat the best 🏻 big week and hope to see you all there on Sunday ️ #BUFC @bangkok_united #adidasthailand Instagram ดารา @chunuonsee16 581

Every darkness you"ll shine through 🏻️got to take care my big bro at the moment #chiangmai #BUFC Instagram ดารา @chunuonsee16 183

Grateful to be able to do what i love everyday ️ lucky to have great people and teammates around me 🏻 #BUFC #trainingcamp #chiangmai Instagram ดารา @chunuonsee16 1,478

ค่าของคนอยู่ที่ผลของงาน🏻....In the end your actions and performance will always speak louder than words 🏻 cant wait for the season to start again!!! #focus #BUFC Instagram ดารา @chunuonsee16 396

Be the Difference #adidas #thailand #MT #1632 #Ari Instagram ดารา @chunuonsee16 825

Good morning world #fridayfeeling #happy Instagram ดารา @chunuonsee16 669

Good to be back ️ #preseason #BUFC Instagram ดารา @chunuonsee16 619

"Couples that train together..stay together" 🏻 #adidasthailand Instagram ดารา @chunuonsee16 609

Instagram ดารา @chunuonsee16 982

You can take a boy out of Samui...but you can't take Samui out of a boy #islandboy #oldtime #monkey Instagram ดารา @chunuonsee16 72

Great way to end 2015 and start 2016 with amazing people in Hawaii #aboutlastnight #smile Instagram ดารา @chunuonsee16 186

Walking down the street thinking whats that noise from next door.....ooohhh should have known its only the turtles celebrating New Year #noisyneighbours #wtf #hawaii Instagram ดารา @chunuonsee16 354

What a good first full day in Hawaii, a morning hike, an hour beach run, then tried great Hawaiian food and drove around the island and stopped off at amazing beaches just like this one ️ can honestly say its one of the best place i've been in the world and this is just the 1st day 🏻 #hawaii Instagram ดารา @chunuonsee16 1,176

Hollywood in my hand #LA Instagram ดารา @chunuonsee16 135

Hollywood 🏻 Instagram ดารา @chunuonsee16 148

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