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For my birthday yesterday I sat in bed all day with the shades drawn eating this cake completely alone. It might have been the best birthday I've ever had. I took time to reflect on so much and had a moment to genuinely appreciate the life that I have and the incredible people I have in it. I highly recommend taking at least one birthday in your life and keeping it to yourself. It fuckin RULED. And that cake was GOOD. Instagram ดารา @adamlevine 29,358

Nice photo @milodecruz Instagram ดารา @adamlevine 137

6 months in the making. Thanks @bryanrandolph for absolutely blowing my mind with this one! Woooo hooooo!!!! Instagram ดารา @adamlevine 9,477

Pre-order @jordansmithlive's new album on @applemusic! Instagram ดารา @adamlevine 6,429

@mrgenehong I got photoHONGed Instagram ดารา @adamlevine 38,178

The lovely @gwenstefani ladies and gents. And I don't know who that creep is next to her. Instagram ดารา @adamlevine 14,797

Give Oliver a chance. Instagram ดารา @adamlevine 7,069

Weird morning. Instagram ดารา @adamlevine 8,134

If you ever want a tattoo and you don't get it from @bryanrandolph're nuts. He's the DUDE. Instagram ดารา @adamlevine 28,574

Über. Instagram ดารา @adamlevine 11,433

Just so I never have to answer this question again. Instagram ดารา @adamlevine 2,988

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