@brianjoomuzik : OMG! I have the BEST fans on this planet! I'll be opening my bday gifts & reading my bday cards for the next month... Lol... love all my B.F.F.'s all over the world! #birthdayboy #blessed #spoiledrotten #thankyou 세상에서 제일 좋은 팬분들이 있습니다! 모두다 감사합니다 그리고 무지무지 사랑해요~! 여러분들은 저에게 하나님이 보내주신 gift입니다^^
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Brian Joo
K-Pop Entertainer, Fly to the Sky member, Owner of 4TP Fitness: CrossFit 4TP, Owner of Brian & Trianon Floral Cafe & Academy! God is GREAT!

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