@hwahwa_chinadolls : #jimrohn said you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.. including yourself.. and I'm happy that you are one of them.. and now I know where's my RLG spirit came from lol.. Anyway today is your day.. A birthday is only once a year.. but our friendship is very special and meaningful to me every day.. Today, on your birthday.. I want you to be happy.. so you can count on me to make your day a happy and memorable one.. thanks for always being there for me.. I'm always happy to see your success and to see you are happy.. love you always and forever @yingrhathaofficial #bff #birthdaygirl #love #girltime #girlfriend #specialthanks #toeiigallery cr. @toeii_su #nomatterwhathappen #ห้ามงอลลลอีก #ขอค่ะขอ
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