@marutaro : Today is February 3rd, meaning it is "Setsubun",right? So everyone threw out their beans to ward off the evil spirits? Maru did it too. Maru is 8years old, so she was told to only eat 8 beans, but he secretly ate a bunch of the scattered beans and got too full. Please warn everyone about over eating as well. That reminds me, there are 4 "Setsubun" events a year, I heard. I had no idea. For the benefit of those people in Japan who do not know of the bean throwing custom, Maru will teach them. * 今日は節分だね。まるは8歳だから8粒だね。みんなは、何粒食べたの? #まる知識 #もったいないから全部拾っていく #高速鬼退治
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