@jam_ponybah : If you think you're losing, do not blame the world, blame yourself for how weak you are... Do not bound to the weakness. Find the solution. Find the cure. Find the alternative sources. We all have some crazy goals or aspirations that we would love more than anything to achieve... Be the one who conquer yourself is greater than the one who conquers a thousand man in battle. เข้มแข็ง ชนะตัวเอง ดีกว่าเอาชะคนอื่นเป็นหมื่นเป็นพัน
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Work ️ jamjamjii.work@gmail.com 093-965-4462 (คุณเจี๊ยบ) co-founder of @famousface_official 🍋 @amadoshireru 🍋

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