@pamsuperrichth : Thailand stand up challenge #day1 Looking out as far as eyes can see at the top of Phu Tubberg, the tallest mountain in Phetchabun province. Thailand Standup Challenge & Stronger Together are made up to stop all irresponsible act of violence. Show the world that Thailand is peaceful and is a beautiful country for any tourists to stop by. 1. post pictures of any place in Thailand. The pictures you shoot by yourself. 2. One picture a day for 3 days in a row 3. write a good caption, telling where this picture is taken and put the hashtag ‪#‎ThailandStandupChallenge‬ and ‪#‎StrongerTogether‬ 4. Set the privacy as Public 5. Invite friends to join this challenge by tagging him/her in each picture posted 6. Friends who accept the challenge must post the first picture within 24 hours We shall pass again and again, if we help each other and do things together. ขอบคุณ @ann_laisuthruklai @janienineeleven สำหรับคำท้า และขอส่งต่อ @janesuperrichth @paopokin #thailandstandupchallenge #thailandstaystrong #peaceful #travel#Thailand #strongertogether
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