@luisalandy : Think you’ve got what it takes to handle the Wingman Wings Challenge? Then come on down to the Weekenders Bazaar at UP Town Center and give it a shot! The current record is 47 WINGS in 5 MINUTES. MECHANICS: 1.) Grab a Wingman (a partner)! 2.) For only P500/team, eat as many wings as you guys can in 5 minutes. 3.) If your total beats the record of 47 wings, you win awesome prizes. If you don’t beat the record but still rank in the top 5 of the weekend, you win less awesome but still pretty cool prizes. Take the challenge at the AJMA Weekender Bazaar this Sept 11-12 and try to beat the record! Telling you now though, you probably can’t.
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Luis Alandy
"I can do all things through The One who gives me strength." Philippians 4:13

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