@young_g_hur : 여러분~오늘은 영지가데뷔한지 1년이되는날이에용~여러분덕분에 여기까지이렇게 올수있었던것같아요 감사해요 1년이란시간동안 많은일들이 있었죠 그래도 그때마다 여러분들이 함께 있어줘서 행복했어용 콘서트때나촬영때나 추억이너무많아서 다적을수없지만 제맘알죵??♡>< 앞으로도 여러분들과함께열심히하는 영지될게요 응원많이해주세요 사랑해요♡♡ Hi everyone , Today is the my debuts one year anniversary~ Its because of all you guys I was able to get to where I am today, thank you♡Over the this past year there were many things that have happenned but because of all your love and support I`ve been able to stay on track and not give up Although there were many memories made at the filming of our concert and things I want to express my thankfulness for I`m afraid it will become and endless list♡>< I promise to constantly work hard to work up to your expectations and please continue your love and support♡♡ みなさん きょうは わたしの デビュー1しゅうねんですみなさんの おかげで ここまで これました ありがとうございますいちねんの みじかいじかんに たくさんの ことが ありました いつも みなさんが いっしょにいてくれたので 幸せでしたコンサートとか さつえいとか おもいでが たくさん ありすぎて ぜんぶは かけませんが わたしの きもち わかりますよね♡♡>< これからも みなさんのために がんばりたいと おもいます これからも もっと おうえんしてください♡ #1주년#우와아아앙
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