@ginny_jrt : $55,000 was spent to kill an innocent animal for ego, show and sick thrills. 55k that could've been used for so much good, so many charities could have done wonderful things from that $55,000 to help so many people and animals that NEEDED help. Instead that money was used by a coward named Walter Palmer to lure a beautiful lion out to be hunted and killed. It was a long hunt, Cecil the lion suffered at the hands of Walter Palmer, just so he could have a "trophy" and something to boast about among company. This is heartbreaking, but Cecil's legacy can continue. www.wildcru.org - www.worldwildlife.org - www.bornfree.org.uk - www.worldlandtrust.org - www.tusk.org are just some of the organisations working incredibly hard to save wildlife and stop beautiful animals from being hunted and poached, please check them out, share them with people you know and consider donating to 1 or some of these organisations to help them be able to continue with their wonderful work. RIP Cecil, you were a beautiful creature. We can work to stop this from happening again. We need justice for Cecil and for the many, many other animals made to suffer for "sport" and greed.
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Ginny is Jack Russell from the UK, a connoisseur of naps & treats & an expert in hugs. Support your local animal shelters & ADOPT, don't shop!

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