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Sophie's World

I'm a young lady girl Scottish fold. I have round head, small ears and big eyes . Follow me and enjoy ! #sophiethescottishcat #sophiesworld

I'm the most beautiful artwork of my house Instagram @sophiethescottishcat 77

Is it Sunday today?? Purrfect! We can play all day! Catkisses!! Instagram @sophiethescottishcat 15

Good morning world! I wish you a lovely and purrfect week! Catkisses! Instagram @sophiethescottishcat 73

I'd like to introduce you my favorite toy Instagram @sophiethescottishcat 16

Round head, big eyes, small ears and the sweetest face in the world. Any better description? Instagram @sophiethescottishcat 96

Ready for the weekend? I am! Instagram @sophiethescottishcat 49

Sweet daddy's girl Instagram @sophiethescottishcat 55

Daydreaming Instagram @sophiethescottishcat 79

Ready to play? Go!! Instagram @sophiethescottishcat 88

Yoga session Instagram @sophiethescottishcat 84

Today's mood... Instagram @sophiethescottishcat 25

I'm always watching you... Instagram @sophiethescottishcat 59

Concentration Sophie, you have to hunt this tree sheet... Autumn is here!! 🌳 Instagram @sophiethescottishcat 68

Feeling comfy Instagram @sophiethescottishcat 115

Happy caturday lovely friends!! I have a very busy day: hunt, play, eat, sleep, sleep and more play, and more sleep, and more eat... Instagram @sophiethescottishcat 69

Sophie the explorer 🌍 Instagram @sophiethescottishcat 80

"Mission to Mars ready to take off. Sergeant Sophie, your goal is to taste the Mars's" Instagram @sophiethescottishcat 26

Round, round, round head... 🌎 Instagram @sophiethescottishcat 60

Sweet Sophie taking a rest. The happy cat's live! Instagram @sophiethescottishcat 85

It' time to explore the world 🌳🌍️ Happy Monday to everyone! Instagram @sophiethescottishcat 43

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