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Shorty n Kodi

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Catching snowflakes. Trying to, anyway. Instagram @shortyandkodi 1,061

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Happy #leapday! #leapyear Instagram @shortyandkodi 1,033

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When Kodi feels lots of love, the waterworks flow. Gross. #loveyourpetday Instagram @shortyandkodi 869

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A late post for Shorty's birthday but I didn't get to Instagram all day! Happy Birthday Shorty! Can you believe she's already 36? Ok, she's 5, but the cat years do fly by. Love you Miss Sho-Sho Instagram @shortyandkodi 229

Shobeans #blackcat #blackcatsareawesome #catsofinstagram Instagram @shortyandkodi 30

Kodi loves stealing my clothes and wandering around with them in his mouth, refusing to let go. When cats knock things over or behave badly, are they being jerks, or is there a reason for their behaviour? I just posted 5 theories on our cat blog. Link is in bio. What do you think about your cat's behaviour when they're acting badly? Are they seeking your attention, acting on instinct, or just being jerks? Instagram @shortyandkodi 178

Check out our latest blog post on 5 Tips for Taking Great Pictures of Your Black Cat! Link is in our bio. Instagram @shortyandkodi 90

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You again! Stop following me! Instagram @shortyandkodi 245

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