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My name is Moko, a 6-year old girl Samoyed. I live in Melbourne, Australia. I love people and playing in the park! Please enjoy my journey.

Good night everyone Instagram @mokochino 509

I love Melbourne! Instagram @mokochino 920

Got it! Instagram @mokochino 2,804

The Lion King (Samoyed Queen?) Instagram @mokochino 2,645

Moko, come! Instagram @mokochino 2,769

I'm so excited, woo hoo! Instagram @mokochino 2,887

Moko and new best friend, Hachi! Instagram @mokochino 3,057

Good night, sleep tight! Instagram @mokochino 2,495

Waiting for a towel dry... Instagram @mokochino 2,636

Spin cycle! Instagram @mokochino 1,973

Lick, lick, lick... Instagram @mokochino 1,608

Any suggestions for a caption to suit Moko's expression in this photo? Instagram @mokochino 2,162

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