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Hi:) We are Sofi & Martín: very cute lil bullies . We live in Colombia with mommy: Maru -whom we let sleep in our bed. This is our life

Enjoying a little sunshine:-) Instagram @maruett 67

When your friends take care of you after you've passed out #hangover Instagram @maruett 40

When u love someone so much you barely let them breath #toomuchlove #nospacebetween Instagram @maruett 13

Sunday morning... Watching these two train sleeping 🚂 Instagram @maruett 66

Yes I agree with you: I am very cute. Good night, friends Instagram @maruett 31

Polar bear melting Instagram @maruett 63

Sun tanning Instagram @maruett 52

Yes of course! That was mom's favorite shoe. How could I not "kiss" it to death? Instagram @maruett 52

Hi! We have been away for a little while. Mom has been working very hard, but thinks about IG friends all the time:) Today I had blood tests and I am stable:) Thank God and my amazing doctor for my remarkable health:) and to all of you for your support and prayers! Martín is great! Many hugs to all and I hope you are well! Instagram @maruett 43

Martín showing of his one foot tongue with his buddies at a doggie hotel:) #iwantmydogslife #bulldogproblems #bulldogs #englishbulldogs #ibullylife #bullylove #bulldogs_worldwide Instagram @maruett 28

Sofi with one of her vets playing with a plastic bottle. Her 19 week chemo treatment is over! These 4 months have been unbelievably hard, but my warrior princess pulled thru:) We still have to wait for test results, but we hope for good things! Thank u all for your support and love! Instagram @maruett 25

@zingo_ hi beautiful friend! My mom came home today and we found our presents all the way from Sweden. Camilla and Zingo thank you so much for the recipe, treats, scarves, necklace for my mom (she loved it! Owls are her favorite bird!) and the thoughtful message. We are so happy and thankful for you kindness and friendship:) Instagram @maruett 6

#Repost @melissarais with @repostapp.
Just like wine: better with age. @natyalvarezp @maruett Instagram @maruett 11

Missing my Xmas bully cuddles #bulldogs #igbulldogs_worldwide #igbullyfamily #love Instagram @maruett 42

Mom I am having so much fun! We miss you! See you in a few weeks! #freeofmom #partay #missu Instagram @maruett 40

@ibigo asked me what are we doing right now:) I (Martin) am making sure my sister is OK after her chemo. Just giving her tons of kisses and love! Thank you for asking! #itwillgetbetter toomanykisses #love #sister #friends #cancer Instagram @maruett 34

Lucky to have you. #whileyouarehere Instagram @maruett 51

My baby is halfway through her chemo treatment (9 more to go). She is a fighter and has never complained even when she feels very much under the weather. She has been so strong! We thank you for all your messages and well wishes. Love u all so very much! #prayers #love #bulldog #bulldogs #bullylove #englishbulldoglovers #igbullyfamily #igbulldogs_worldwide Instagram @maruett 75

Not to late for sleepy #maverickpose #maverickposemonday #bulldog #bulldogs #bulldoglove Instagram @maruett 28

Butt to butt #ilikebigbutts #together4ever #englishbulldog #bulldog #bulldogs #bullylove #bulldogproblems #bulldogs_worldwide #igbulldogs_worldwide #igbullyfamily #sleepingbeauty #love Instagram @maruett 49

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