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im a boy, a little boy of @jakjaan_akhamsiri from thailand. actually i have 2 ears..

My naughty lil bro' named "jao-luke-chin-ping" Instagram @junior_no_ear 2

Goodnight from Thailand Instagram @junior_no_ear 79

Moring kub.. Dont wanna up #cat #catsofinstagram #cute #morning Instagram @junior_no_ear 92

Dance with me? Instagram @junior_no_ear 131

Instagram @junior_no_ear 136

How do i look? Instagram @junior_no_ear 10

Dont make me get mad!!! Instagram @junior_no_ear 11

me.. Instagram @junior_no_ear 53

That was my job with my mommy @jakjaan_akhamsiri Instagram @junior_no_ear 32

Helloooooi.. Long time no see. Miss me???? Instagram @junior_no_ear 41

Repost from my mom @jakjaan_akhamsiri Instagram @junior_no_ear 49

Mommy, I got him!! @jakjaan_akhamsiri Instagram @junior_no_ear 108

My mom's IG Instagram @junior_no_ear 159

Goodnight from thailand.. Sawasdee krab Instagram @junior_no_ear 69

Killing me softly with her hei hei Instagram @junior_no_ear 63

Yoga me Instagram @junior_no_ear 41

Today i and my family shoot the ambipur FB ads. So funnnnnn Instagram @junior_no_ear 172

Nite Nite igers Instagram @junior_no_ear 58

Wats up??!! Instagram @junior_no_ear 71

Mommy!! Mommy!! Stop working, play with me plsssss Instagram @junior_no_ear 71

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