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Wife of that silly boy @rokuthecat

Seat belt my dear Instagram @hachithecat 1,123

Boo! I'm still here dun ya worry Instagram @hachithecat 821

Riding home with dad Instagram @hachithecat 1,798

Happy new year all. Exciting year is here! Love you guys Instagram @hachithecat 232

I can be a mermaid too look! 😛 Instagram @hachithecat 2,112

My daughter is all grown up Instagram @hachithecat 2,471

I have to rest up here. The new puppy @phoenixtheig is just too playful! Instagram @hachithecat 1,744

Fetch! Instagram @hachithecat 2,801

Over looking the kids Instagram @hachithecat 1,261

Hiiiiiii!! ️ sorry for lack of updates. Dad is in NewYork at the moment. You can follow his trip blog on "Dayre" app if you want, search for iser name - sixtysix Instagram @hachithecat 3,481

Mum and dad are in New York but here is an update from us please follow dad's journey on Dayre app - username: sixtysix ️ #dayre Instagram @hachithecat 1,050

Instagram @hachithecat 2,617

This is number 4. The last little one that came out. Will not be naming any of them until around 2 months of age, thats when we should see their characteristic more clearly Instagram @hachithecat 1,605

Good night everyoneeeee Instagram @hachithecat 2,139

Nom nom nom nom Instagram @hachithecat 760

Hello strangers Instagram @hachithecat 4,490

Sorry I've been away. But you know why Instagram @hachithecat 1,243

Resting hubby style Instagram @hachithecat 879

Yooooo dude, wake up already! (Why do you think I am bigger now? See dad's latest Dayre blog update Instagram @hachithecat 1,703

Say that one more time ... Instagram @hachithecat 4,207

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