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All my cats are my alter ego. :)

Saero in the morning Instagram @aquacat 1,115

"How come only Wenmaan can taste bonito, Aquacat?" Instagram @aquacat 1,891

"Aquacat, I saw that you gave a bonito to Wenmaan! But why do you give me such a thing? You already know that I don't eat potato chip!" Sorry, but the vet said that you need to diet. "I hate him!" Instagram @aquacat 1,135

Thank you for all your kind words and supporting Wenmaan. And thank you for sharing your experiences, it's really helpful to us. Wenmaan still eats well and sleeps well today. He seems to have decided that he will eat only his favorite foods. Instagram @aquacat 917

We decided to let Wenmaan have chemo. I can't be sure it's the right decision, but we can't sit on our hands. I hope that at least it can improve the quality of Wenmaan's life. Instagram @aquacat 1,088

"Hey Jiwan, after visiting the vet's, everytime Aquacat sees me, she tells me that she loves me. Why?" "That's good. But Aquacat reduced the amount of my meal after visiting the vet's. The vet must have told her that I need to diet. I hate him!" Instagram @aquacat 1,486

It's just an ordinary day, except Wenmaan's situation. Instagram @aquacat 1,966

Sorry about late update of Wenmaan. Actually, I needed some time to think and prepare myself about his current situation. I could talk with a vet last Tuesday and talked about Wenmaan's situation in detail. Well, Wenmann was diagnosed as having high grade lymphoma. The vet said that there are tumors in his liver and spleen and they can spread to bone marrow as time goes on. Chemo is an option but of course it would be impossible for him to recover his perfect health - which means Wenmaan doens't really have much time left and I will have to prepare myself to say good-bye to him. The vet recommended me to feed him his favourite foods. Wenmann's kidney and pancreas are quite healthy as I've been paying attention. This makes me feel more sorry and sad. He could have been better if the lymphoma was not found. So, yeah- Wenmann is doing quite well these days. He eats well and he sleeps well but the vet said his condition could get worse all at once. I'm afraid I had to bring bad news to you IG friends who all wished Wenmann good luck. Instagram @aquacat 523

A winter indoor scene—heater, books and cat. :) Instagram @aquacat 1,301

"If you will not give me a treat, don't even look at me!" says Saero... 😑 Instagram @aquacat 1,467

Two boys today. Jiwan took a medical checkup too and he is okay. Inspection results of Wenmaan's cell did not come out yet. Wenmaan eats and sleeps well, so I can hardly believe what the vet said. Instagram @aquacat 943

We had a hard time for a week. Wenmaan took a medical checkup on Feb. 14. His kidney I has been paying special attention to is fine, but the vet said that there seem to be tumors on his liver and spleen. We requested cell inspection on 16 and the results will come out next week. Sorry for the bad news, but I posted for friends who was wating to hear from me. Instagram @aquacat 0

Watching a bird Instagram @aquacat 1,577

"My most favourite toy is strings!" Instagram @aquacat 1,584

S is under the duvet. Jiwan lay down on the bed leaning on S's leg, and then Saero followed him after hesitating for a few seconds. :) Instagram @aquacat 1,411

"Aquacat, can you share your food with us?" 😑 Instagram @aquacat 2,568

Happy Saero ♪ :) Instagram @aquacat 1,582

"Even though I can jump up to the kitchen counter without this stairs, why did you place this on here?" Yeho, when you get old, you can understand why. Instagram @aquacat 1,204

"Don't breathe or we will be discovered by the vacuum monster!" "I know..." 😑 Instagram @aquacat 1,187

Grooming time Instagram @aquacat 1,382

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