@marutaro : 5 years ago today on March 11 at 14:46, Great East Japan Earthquake hit Japan and Japan was struck by the devastating disaster. Especially the damages that Tohoku section suffered was severe and the earthquake killed 15,880 people, and there are still 2,600 people missing 5 years later now. I post the pictures of Maru to instagram every day since the day of the disaster 5 years ago. I did so at that time in order to put smiles back on the victim's faces who were in a state of deep grief. I wanted to offer humble contributions that I could make to the victims and those concerned giving them a bit of peace. I also expected them to learn the charm to live with a dog so that our society will grow to the one that allows people to live with a dog happily. I would like to express my deepest sympathies on the victims of the disaster and afflicted people who are still force to take shelter in uncomfortable surroundings. For those who read through this message May your soul rest in peace. 🏻 私は、5年前の震災の日から毎日 instagramにまるの写真を投稿しています。それは震災当時に深い悲しみに包まれた皆さんに笑顔を取り戻して貰うために。微力ながら被災者やその関係者の方々に少しでも安らぎを与えたい。という思いでした。 また日本が犬と人が幸せに暮らせる社会に成長するために、犬と暮らす生活の魅力を皆に知ってもらいたい思いは日に日に増しています。 犠牲になられました方々に改めて哀悼の意を表しますとともに、依然として避難を余儀なくされるなど被災された皆様に、心からお見舞いを申し上げます。 ご冥福をお祈りいたします #写真は宮城県松島にて #笑う門にはまる来たる
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