@adoptapetcom : Some people say that when you find your perfect match, you just know it in your heart. We have a feeling someone is having that feeling right now looking at Emma’s photo! Today’s Five O’Clock Cuteness is Emma, a sweet ad soulful 3 year old brown tabby cat available for adoption in #Philadelphia #Pennsylvania from The Philly Kitty. Emma was rescued off of the street when a police officer found her struggling to make it as a stray. Now, she is safe and sound in rescue but she dreams of finding her forever family. She’s a chatty cat who happily “talk” to you - ensuring you never feel alone. For more on this sweet gal, please visit her Adopt-a-Pet.com profile: http://bit.ly/1oTEBcM Thank you, @Purina, for helping abandoned pets like Emma! ** Want to save a shelter pet, but not ready to adopt? Consider visiting http://bit.ly/adoptapetcom and searching for an adoptable pet near you to share on Facebook. In less than a minute, you could save a life!
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Hamilton the Hipster Cat
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