@adoptapetcom : It just takes a split second for Fido to make a mad dash for an adventure outside the front door. And when the excitement of his shenanigans wears off and he’s ready to come home, the chances of him picking up the phone to tell you he’s lost are slim to none. That’s why you need to be prepared NOW for the scary possibility that your little love ends up out on their own later. Here are some easy things you can do now - before your pet ever gets lost - to help bring your him home safely: 1. Talk to your veterinarian about getting your pet microchipped. It’s easy, fast, and extremely helpful in reuniting pets and parents. 2. Make sure your pet is always wearing a collar and identification tag that has your current contact details. 3. Take some clear photos of your pet to have on hand. Make sure to get full-body and facial photos. 4. Download our simple lost pet flyer template. You can even customize it now and store on your computer’s hard drive for printing later: http://bit.ly/1I5hZbu
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Hamilton the Hipster Cat
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